Summit Meru 2016

Awaken the Performer Within

A 5 day workshop on the ‘Art of Performance Aesthetics’ – Awaken the Performer Within: Secrets from the Natyashastra was held in July 2016. The course took  inspiration from the 2500-year old Sanskrit treatise on dramaturgy, Natyashastra, which continues to power creativity and innovation even today. This 5-session course was designed for dancers, singers, dramatists and all art enthusiasts!

From times immemorial, music, dance, drama, and all forms of art prevailed and thrived amongst common folk with unprecedented glow. Scholars though deeply about great art, the artist, and the continued dialog with the audience. They saw the artist as someone who perpetually builds a bridge between the outer and the inner realms. Earthy materials, nature, sound, and ones own body became a medium with which this joy was presented. A joy that transformed space, time, and the human condition into a lyrical narrative, and transported the audience into an extraordinary experience.

The workshop helped participants discover the nexus of creativity in this discursive study of aesthetics. It empowered, “the performer in you to find inspiration to awaken the creative core.”

The 5 session course is designed for singers, dancers, theater artists and art enthusiasts alike, taking inspiration from Natyashastra and other texts on dramaturgy. These ancient scriptures continue to  power creativity and innovation for over 2500 years. Today, can we learn this grammar of joy and unleash that delightful innovative exuberance?

Summit Meru’s immersive workshop intends to awaken the performer dormant in your heart and kindle a romance with life. The course provides timeless tools that will energize and transform your world.

This workshop was led by Shekhar Shastri with Meena Subramanyam and Shuchita Rao. The course was FREE and open to all.

July 12, 13, 14, 19, & 21 2016

Time: 6:00 – 8:30 PM

Venue: Lexington Community         Center, 39 Marrett Road, Lexington MA 02421

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