Raaga-Rang: The Delightful Soul of the Melody : 

Just heard a song and instantly found myself smiling, while the mind went on a search – looking for the familiar in the melody. I had never heard the song and yet it was calling me to a home that was hidden somewhere within. I kept humming the song, innovating on the theme and voila…. got it – Raaga DesRead More

Sringara in Geeta Govinda : 

The journey to the heart is the most mysterious one; fraught with anticipation, suspense, dejection, obsession, and supreme delight – romance remains the perennial target of all living beings. The object of romance may differ, yet in the face of love, all other priorities evaporate. Read More

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The Raaga-Rang Series: Delightful Soul of the Melody Madhyama, The Center: It was late in the evening and as I turned on All India Radio to listen to my favorite classical music program, read more

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