Raga Rang 2017 was a celebration of music in nature.  The program took audiences through a symbolic musical journey which portrayed the key elements of invocation, emergence, language, form, aesthetic delight and transcendence. Invoking the cycle of creation from the ‘nāda brahman’, it  went on to explore ‘manifestation’ of elements  centered on Srishti-Tattva that of Prithvi, Agni and  Aakash. Meandering through language,  ‘form’ and Rasa or Aesthetic delight the program culminated in ‘moksha,’ or transcendence arriving at a state of inner balance. It was held on April 29 th 2017 at the Scottish Rite Museum in Lexington.

When: April 29th 2017

Where: National Heritage Museum (Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library)

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