Raaga-Rang: The Delightful Soul of the Melody

Just heard a song and instantly found myself smiling, while the mind went on a search – looking for the familiar in the melody. I had never heard the song and yet it was calling me to a home that was hidden somewhere within. I kept humming the song, innovating on the theme and voila…. got it – Raaga Des. In Hindi and in many Indian languages, ‘Des‘ is ‘home’. The home is always here, just gets misplaced here there in the melee of an overcrowded life.

Raaga Des, like most others, is a simple melodic structure (R, mP, nDP, PDPm, GRGS).From these7 notes and its simple grammar, a whole new world of melodies can emerge, many songs, numerous compositions can emerge. This is the magic of Classical Raaga-s.

Invariably, there is a Raaga at the core of most Indian songs. Musicians in search of new melodies, often reach out to the deep“well” of raaga-s to bring out a garland of notes – with the simple goal of entering your heart.

Raaga-Rang, has the same simple goal of entering your heart and creating a smile on your face and delight in your heart. Of the last year’s show, Rama Ramakrishnan, a singer and music connoisseur remarked, “Raaga-Rang was very, very different … everything was exceptional.” Another delighted member of the audience, Rita Wadhwani said, “Raaga-Rang is the best music showI have been to.”

So we are at again, with a fabulous team of singers and a live orchestra of extraordinary musicians. The next show in the Raaga-Rang series is scheduled as follows:

Sunday, April 6, 2014 at 4:00pm at National Heritage Museum, Lexington, MA.
Please mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you there.